Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Trying to fly

Mahkala alwas tried to fly. One day, she tried to fly................................And broke her leg! We'll have to take her to the hospital.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Monday, April 9, 2007

Minnie and Moo go to the moon

The farmer stopped the tractor.
He dusted himself off and walked to the farmhouse.
Moo looked at Minnie.
She pointed at the tractor.
She pointed at the hay baler.
''We could do that, '' She said.

I obzerved.................................

I obzerved....................................................... that 11 tad poles hached out of their eggs. They wiggeled. how happy I'd be if I would have:6009 tad pole eggs.

Thursday, April 5, 2007

The little brown jay

Once there was a girl, she was a princess. She looked like an indian princess. She was very very beautiful and good. But, her voice was like a dinosaur's. One day she saw a jay in her garden. It was plain brown but its voice was prettier than the whole universe. Oh, and I forgot to tell you the princess's name was Maya. Maya started crying, and the Jay stopped flying. "Why are you crying, beautiful princess?" "I want to have the same voice as you do", Maya said. "You didn't know till now?" asked the Jay. "What?" "That you can make your own space ship." "How?", asked Maya. "I can't tell you", the Jay said, "you'll have to find out by yourself". "How can I do that?" "Go everywhere! North Pole, South America, Lexington, Washington, London, Puerto-Rico, New Hampshire, Africa, and stuff."

"Wow, that's a lot of places", she thought. "Well, I'll travel as long as I can", Maya said. And she went over India, America, and the North Pole! She found it! "At last!" she said, and went back to India, to see the Jay. "Now you must go in space, and then go to the right then left the straight. Then make your dream like this: 'I wish to have a voice like Jay's' ".

But just then, Maya's voice changed, and the Jay turned into a prince! "Oh, thank you!", said the Jay. "Don't thank me", said Maya, "you did it!". "Hey, want to have a celebration?" "Sure!"

The End

Monday, April 2, 2007

The Ugly Duck

The Brave Missing Leg

Once there was a boy, and he got toy soldiers for Easter. He loved them, and hugged them. One of them wasn't finished. It was missing a leg. The soldiers woke up at 12:00 midnight. The one that was missing a leg saw a ballerina. Just then, a Jack-in-the-box found out that they loved each other very much. He became nervous. The Jack-in-the-box tried to make Missing Leg to leave. He couldn't. They were in a big fight! First, the Jack-in-the-box threw a block at Missing Leg, then Missing Leg went out the window. It wasn't his fault. The block hit him! Missing Leg was very very very very very very sad, when the Jack-in-the-box was very very happy! Missing Leg was floating down the water.

Accidentally, a fish ate Missing Leg! Then, some sailors caught that fish, and went to Missing Leg's house!

When the Jack-in-the-box saw him, the ballerina was very very very very very very very silly because the J. gave a funny look. They were fighting again! But this time, Missing Leg won! The J. jumped into the fire! THE END