Thursday, August 25, 2011

A Month's Time

Well, I've grown a lot in a month, both phisically and mentally. And, even if you don't believe it, my love life has changed a little, too. In five days school starts, and we'll see what'll happen from then. My best friend, Mei, is currently in China, and she'll stay there until a week after the first day of school passes by.

Going to Romania has definitely changed me. Three years ago, I went for the last time to Romania, until now. In those three years, I became really desperate and crazy, for what even I don't know. It was like I'd left a piece of me, a very large piece, in Romania three years ago. As the years had passed, I became more and more a person who I wasn't really, inside my soul. I had become to yell at my best friends, who treated me like I had just came to Earth from the Heavens above. They couldn't have been better friends, and I couldn't have been worse.

But just three weeks in Romania slammed me back on track. At first, I missed my old life terribly, and some nights I cried. But, when I went to my cousin's house, my friends' houses, and my grandparents' house, I realized... I couldn't have been happier there.

And then... something happened much more extraordinary than all the others. As I went to my grandparents' wedding, I met someone I will never forget: Mihaela, my aunt. I had no idea I had another aunt; I had met her before, but I had completely forgotten her.

We went to her house for a visit; we didn't stay very long and ended up taking a long walk in the park. I was so happy I had her; she was someone I could truly rely on. She listened to what I had to say, and then suggested answers that solved my problems. She was so patient with me and my sister, and told about when they had to be in the army at eighteen or nineteen. I shared all my embarrassing moments with her, and she shared hers with me. We got cotton candy and popcorn, and walked all around this really huge lake. I was so glad to be with her. And then...

... we had to go. She watched us leave, with a sad look in her eye. I had her email address, but it wasn't the same. We couldn't walk the park together until next time I went to Romania. I was going to miss her. And my grandfather. And Tina. And Paula. And Cocuta. And Romania.

I would miss that silly little elevator that barely fit one person in our apartment building. I was going to miss those loud, aggressive hound dogs that barked me to sleep in the night. I was going to miss that great, big, smelly church that always stood next to our building. Most of all, I was going to miss Romania.




Good night, Romania.