Saturday, June 23, 2007

The ugly puppy (A song).

1:1 year old puppy,
2:the puppy was ugly,
3:he had NO mother!
4: the puppy was...................BLIND!
5:his name was: BLIND!
6: all the time he was SAD!
the end

Friday, June 22, 2007

Not going to school

Kate looked at the ceiling. It was morning. But still all the people were asleep. Then kate saw a girl with black skin. Finally, her mom woke up."Time to wake up, Kate!", said mom. "Mom, a girl with black skin is in our yard!" said Kate.

Kate's older brother Tom heard that, and said: "Let's chase her out!. Kate shook her head: "It's not nice! If you went in her yard, she might chase us out!" Mom nodded. Tom frowned.

"I'm going outside to met her", said Kate and went outside.

"Hello?", asked Kate. "Hellow!" the girl with black skin shouted. "Who are you and what are you doing im my yard?" "My name is Kate", said the black skin girl. "Oh! my name is Kate too!" "Our names are the same", said Kate, the black skin girl. "I hope we are in the same class in school today", said Kate the white skin girl.

A few more hours later, when Kate white girl was at school she saw her! THE END

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

A bully in MY CLASS?!

Once there was a mom that was planning to be a teacher. She kept telling her daughter that she was going to be one. After she said that, her daughter said: "Why don't you find something else?". "I don't want to", said her mom.

After a couple of days, mom's wish came true. She was a teacher. There was a boy in class that kept feeling unconfortable. He was always bullied by someone else. One day he had to tell the teacher. The teacher asked "What is going on?". "I'm always bullied by someone", he said. "WHAT? A bully in MY CLASS?" said the theacher. "Tomorrow I'll keep the eye out, and if I see someone that bullies someone else I'll send him to the office".

"But the bully is not a boy, maam", said Benny. "The bully is Cecilia, your daughter!!!".

"What?? My daughter??" said the teacher. "I'll tell my daugher Cecilia to stop! Tomorrow I'll make sure she'll stop".

The next day she said to Cecilia "Can you please stop bothering my children?" "I just bother Benny", said Cecilia. "Whoever it is, even Benny, stop!" "All right, mother", said Cecilia.

When the teacher went to school that day she peeked in her room and saw Cecilia tap Benny on the back. When Benny looked backwards: "Hey, stupid, every day to this day on I'm going to bother you and say stupid!!!"

Just then, the teacher came in. "Cecilia, goto the office with me!" said the teacher.

Right there, the principal didn't let her eat or go home until the next day. THE END.

Saturday, June 16, 2007

The brave little duckling

There once lived a duck that had 5 eggs. She wished she could have:1567, but... I don't know why. "1567! 1567! 1567!'' shouted one day the duck. "I want to have 1567!" One day, one egg hatched.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

The magic bird [unfinished]

Once upon a time, there lived a mom and a dad. They wished they would have children, but still they never got to. One day, mom made a baby, that had blue skin, and purple hare. Mom loved her, even though she had those colors.

"Look at the colors! Oh, baby! I will call you 'Lovy' '', said Mom.

Lovy alwas loved to cach birds. One day, when Lovy was playing, Lovy... [unfinished]