Saturday, November 17, 2007

Friday, November 16, 2007

The kid that always said 'yes'

Once upon a time, there lived a kid that always said 'yes'. Even when he wanted to say no. That's why he was named ........? Yes! Weird name. I know.

His brother always laughed at him because of that. His grandpa and mom and dad laughed at him. Only his grandma didn't laugh at him.

He didn't have many friends at all. Only three (3). Their names were Alex, Dadia and No.

One day, Yes discovered a nest. No came over to see it. It was on the ground.

"Dadia, come here! Yes found a nest! It has four eggs in it", No said.

"Can we keep it, dad? One for each of us?", asked Dadia.

Soon, the eggs hatched and everybody had everyone for pets. Dadia named hers Red because it was the color red. Alex named his Blue because of the same reason. And No and Yes picked color names, too, for the same reason.

After the pets died, Yes and No grew up. They married each other.

The End.