Friday, June 19, 2009

Silly Willy

We met our silly Willy
And he was silly
He was a pet
Like one I had never met.

I took him home one time
And I met his daughter
Who was a baby lime
She once fought a lobster.

I met his brother
Who had his own house
Who did not have a mother
Who had a pet mouse.

Oh, he was silly
Oh, he was Willy
And he was a dog
Who was a big hog.

Once, Willy looked at me
And hopped right on a little tree.
Then he forced me on
So I was gone.

And who am I?
I'm very high
Up in the sky
That's where to I flied................

Friday, June 12, 2009

I am a Frog

I am a Frog
Hop, hop hop
I hopped right in a little shop.
I found a dog.
But not a frog.
I wanted a little friend.

Then I went into a house
And found a teeny little mouse.
Not a dog
Or a frog.

"Hey, a pond! I want a swim!"
And I went in.
And guess who I met...
A Frog!
Not a hog or a dog
But a lady frog!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Scrisoare de la Niki

Nu am terminat de raspuns,am lasat sa se descarce pozele si am plecat uitand de calculator si la terminare s-au trimis singure !
Noi ne-am pregatit ca veniti si anul asta ! Am reparat scarile care se stricasera din cauza sarii pe care o imprastiam iarna sa nu alunecam si pe care tu le-ai pozat asa stricate ! Ti-am trimis poze sa vezi cum arata acum !
Ieri a implinit Danny-Andrei 7 ani si au fost la noi sa sarbatoreasca. Anul asta merge la scoala ! O sa fie ghiozdanul mai mare decat el ! Vamai trimit si o poza de la serbarea de absolvire a gradinitei cu el in costum national !
Va rugam sa ne mai scrieti,sa nu uitati .
Va imbratisam si va sarutam pe toti.
GETA si Niki