Thursday, January 31, 2013

Windy Winter(a poem I wrote in English class)

Chilling wind is everywhere,
In my breath and in my sleigh
And I see one polar bear.

It is not polite to stare,
Yet he does it anyway,
Chilling wind is everywhere

Fur like his is very rare
But most of his fur is gray
And I see one polar bear.

He senses fear in the air,
If it's mine, I cannot say
Chilling wind is everywhere

He comes close, but I don't dare
To arouse from where I lay,
Since I see one polar bear.

Disappears, and doesn't care
If he lost his lunch today
Chilling wind is everywhere
And I see one polar bear.

This is called a villanelle poem. Its second lines rhyme, and the first and third rhyme. The first and third rhymes repeat in the last line of each stanzas, alternating, except for the last stanza. In the last, it has four lines, and therefore has both endings.