Sunday, May 6, 2007


Butterflies are flying insects with beautiful wings. They begin life as caterpillars. Butterflies lay eggs on leaves and twigs. The eggs are sticky, so they don't fall off. Some butterflies lay more than 1000 eggs in just a few weeks. Many eggs have a thick, rough covering.

Saturday, May 5, 2007

I love mother's day!

Once upon a time there lived a family that had triplets. One of the kids loved Mother's Day. The others loved Haloween. The one that loved Mother's Day was named Ash. One day, Ash's Mom asked her how much she loves Mom. "As much as a whole heart, Mother", Ash answered. Mom smiled. "I love you as much as the sun", said Mom. Ash smiled, too. But when Mom asked the others how much they love her all she heard was "Not very much, but a little!". Mom frowned, she never heard that kind of an answer in 1007 years!

Then she pointed at Ash. (This means Ash is the best). The other kids frowned. Mom smiled again.

"The frown came back to you!" shouted Mom to the other kids.

When it was Mother's day Mom gave the other kids extra homework all day. That is how Mom got to be with Ash on Mother's day! They became twins and lived happily ever after!