Wednesday, April 30, 2008

The bunny and the wolf

Once upon a time, there lived a bunny. He didn't have friends. And along came a butterfly, and the butterfly said: "You don't have any friends?" The butterfly continued: "Ha, Ha, Ha! He, He, He!"

Then the bunny saw a wolf. "So", the wolf said, "you don't have friends?" "No", the bunny said, "I don't". "How about we become friends?" "Sure", said the bunny.

The butterfly flew away. He was too scared to stay when Bunny came to Wolf's house. He never ever came back out. CAN YOU GUESS WHY?..........


The snowman

The day before yesterday was a perfect day to make a snowman. I did.

First, I made a little snowball. Then I rolled it till it was too heavy to roll. Then I made the tummy. My dad had to help put the middle on.

Then I made the head. It was the easiest part.

I never took a break.

Now it was time to put on the eyes, the nose and the mouth. I put on the hat, the eyes, the nose, the mouth and the buttons.

My grandma gave me a stick and I found another one.

It started snowing. My mom called my name. It was time to go inside. Just in time.

I ran inside. I got ready for bed. When I was, I went in bed.
But then I got out. I wanted to see my snowman. And I did.There it was.
My snowman.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Dear Mary Pope Osborne

When I first started reading your books, I felt like I was in a world of wonder. I could not stop myself from reading them. I like "Stage Fright on a Summer Night" best. I want to ask you some questions from that book:

1. How did Will make Jack more calm?

2. Could Annie really talk to the bear?

3. How big was the bear?

I hope you can answer the questions!

Love, Bianca.

Monday, April 28, 2008

The sword

On a small island there lived a girl named Marrabell. She had no family and no pets. She only
had a sword.

And obviously, a house. The sword was a magic sword. It brought Marrabell hope.

Hello. My name is Bianca.

Hello. My name is Bianca. I am big sister to a girl named Daria. I live in Lexington. My last name is so big. I don't have a middle one. Oh well, my last name is Radulescu-Banu. It's a little hard to say. I am seven years old. I am in second grade.