Friday, September 26, 2008

Robert's day at school

Robert woke up. It was his first day at school. He was in kindergarten, 5 years old.

Robert used to say he would hate school once he was in it, but Mom didn't think so. Just then she came through his door. "Time for school, Robert!", she said. "Get dressed!" Robert very slowly climbed down from bed. He was nervous for his first day of school. Preschool was enough.

"I don't want to go to school", he whispered. "Aw, Robert, there's nothing to worry about. just don't keep Miss Fair waiting. You'll be fine." Robert slowly got dressed.

As soon as Robert got dressed, he went to the kitchen.His ten-year-old sister Margaret was there and his eight-year-old brother was there. Also his baby sister was there. Daisy was one month and three days, six hours, twelve minutes old. Robert's brother was named Marvin. His father had left for work already.