Friday, February 1, 2013


Oh, she's going to hate me for this. But the point is, my best friend, Goonga Galoonga (I'm not saying her real name) is a really good poet. She writes something down, and it's automatically framed, because of its talent.

Here is an example:

by Goonga Galoonga

When the world ends
So will hunger
For when people
World peace

Nice, huh? I'll admit that it doesn't make sense, but I think it has a powerful meaning if you look closer into it.

by Goonga Galoonga

Like me
Hug me
He will never
Love me
Kiss me
Will he ever?

For the record, Goonga's talking about a certain someone at school. (Cue the love birds!) Just kidding. I think she captures the voice of a teenager in distress because she has no idea if this certain boy likes her. (By the way, I think he does.)

This is the last one I'll say. It's very humorous, and that's why I chose it:

by Goonga Galoonga
He tried to eat me
I told Mom
I tried to eat him
He told Dad
Does this poem
Have a point?

No, I don't think it does. But it certainly lifts my spirits on some days.


Pierre Radulescu said...

I think PUNISHMENTS is actually a great piece of poetry. I's absurd, but this absurdity makes its point, because it's greatly expressed. Please congratulate your friend for me and tell her to keep the good work.

bianca said...

She says thanks. I like punishments best too.